Give them a ride!



Cherry picking in the churchyard.

This elderly woman from Darda church asked: ¨ Give them a ride! You just can not send the woman with her children home and let them walk.  ¨ I loved it! She showed care and compassion. Darda is growing in love and care for each other. That’s precious.


The t-shirt says: Athletic street generation;)

And we drove the kids. On one of these rides we had 10 children in the back of our car, all related to each other and coming from a bunch of houses in a village ten miles away from the little church. Eight of them are under ten years old. Two of the kids are teenagers and one of them just became mother.


It’s maybe not the best picture, but is it not amazing that there are prayers for this little baby from all over the world. I hope that you will pray too.

Jelle and I went into the house to see her little baby. Not often do other man enter the house. It was good. The baby looks good, And they try to give the best to the baby. But the fifteen year old mom is adjusting. She wants to give the baby away, overwhelmed as she is by the responsibility. And we try to comfort her and stand beside her as she is adjusting to this never turning back, stage of life.

We dropped the children off at their homes. Everybody was so happy and cheerful. They love it so much to go to church! The car ride, counting how fast I go: Osam deset, Devet deset! STO! (8o, 90. 100!) They get a story, love, blessing, attention and some food. And that’s all they need.


Jelle was preaching here, a couple of weeks ago.

We drove back to the church to get our own children. The sky was full of beautiful light. The sun setting and the moon coming up. And I was thinking of you, who have prayed for this new life. Be sure that these families need our prayers.

All I saw was the sun, and the moon and the Creator behind it, setting the moon and sun -and little babies- in its place. Please, feel free to pray now, or post a prayer what you love to share for the next generation or children in need.

Lately I have been reading in Isaiah and encouraged by these verses, what I love to share and post as a prayer, bringing them back to the Lord:

Is. 55: 5

Behold, You shall call a nation that You do not know,

and a  nation that did not know that you shall run to you,

Because of the Lord your God, and of the Holy One of Israel;

Is. 66: 2

All these things has made my hand, and so all things came to be,

declares the Lord .

But this is the one to whom I will look:

he who is humble and contrite in spirit

and trembles at my word,

for He has glorified you,  Declares the Lord .

And by the way, I am happy to tell you, that we bought a good solid second hand car.

No worries for the kids: We will give them a ride, thank you for your support!

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