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Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by. It would be lovely to hang out and drink something together. If you make the drink, Iĺl do the writing. This is mostly a bilingual blog, but that is sometimes a challenge. I write about our family living, eating and shopping at markets in Croatia, I write about Roma related issues, as we attend the smallest, youngest Roma church of the Baranja area. And for the rest.. see for yourself! So, happy reading and stay safe!


In short about me: Born in ¨77,  Mam, wife, home-maker, blogger, organizer of a sojourners family. Try to stay sturdy and safe on a sometimes rocky road.

Here three blogpost of possible interest:


Let’s be e-mail friends, I would love that, and I hope you too.

Married to: Jelle Huisman.


Jelle loves to see things always in yet another perspective. And how we keep our marriage healthy? O, well, that is quite another journey, but one thing helps: serving him every single day a cup of his favorite coffee and drink it together.


We lived in 2 continents: Amerika and Europe. And we lived in 3 countries: Netherlands, England, Canada. (Currently living in Croatia, but that is not yet past)

We have 4 children: Marijke born in 2002(right) and Judith born in 2003(left)img_0135-2

This is our Femke, born in 2005

And last but not least, this little guy Laurens joined our family in 2011


Hope to meet you sooner or later, and until we meet again:

May God hold you in the palm of His hands.

From Peter Tate: an Irish Blessing.

Let’s be e-mail friends, I would love that, and I hope you too.




Here is some history.


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