Prayer for peace


Lord, make me a tool of your peace.





Let me bring love where hatred grows.

Let me bring forgiveness, where it was insult.

Let me bring unity, where there is discord.

Let me bring truth, where people wander.

Let me bring faith where there is doubt.

Let me bring hope, where there is despair.

Let me bring light where darkness rules.

Let me bring joy, where sadness is.  


And may I search for all this,

Not to be comforted, but to comfort others.

Not to be understood, but to understand

Not to be loved, but to love.



Because it is through passing on that one receives,

by losing oneself

that one gets forgiveness

and by dying that one rises to eternal life.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4b St. Augistine from Hippo 354-430



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