Local food

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One of the nice things about hosting a retreat where we eat local food, is that I can go wild in shopping at markets. That is the place to get all the local food that is available. Sadly plastic bags are still common here, but when I bring Judith along, the older grandma’s know it already: Judith refuses the plastic bags and gives her home made bags, from rest material. It certainly gives a smile where ever we go.

Enjoy the pictures:


Along farmers and over markets. And sometimes its where they meet: This women lives at a farm, where they produce lavender. She makes soap and other products. I told her about the women who I soon will meet for a long weekend. And how we aim for as many local products as possible, during the weekend. And her reply: Encouraging! Life here is not easy, after all.


For more information about the next retreat: http://thirdplaceretreats.com


3 gedachtes over “Local food

  1. Heel gaaf Janneke, wat je gaat opzetten, hoop dat je aan de juiste bemensing komt! gezien m’n studie en dat ik m’n verjaardag ook leuk vind hier te zijn, geef ik me niet op. warme groeten voor je dochters en Jelle en voor jou natuurlijk!! warm hug zusje Anneke

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