What are you doing in Osijek?


The children looking out over the Danube into Serbia, in the garden of an ancient monastery in Ilok, near Vukovar.

In the Netherlands, we had to give a few presentations about our work. I have been posting it in Dutch, and do not want to exclude you, my dear English readers. So, here it is, just a summary of our work, a little impression.



The two of us, in Antwerp, taking a break in a busy time. Between all the lovely family and friend meetings, we got a lovely break in Hofje van den brink.

Presentation Jelle:

presentatieRandwijk2017 (1)

The band on tour for three glorious weeks.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (3)

Friends from the little Darda church, who became very dear to us.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (4)

What will become of these children if nobody tells them the Good News?

presentatieRandwijk2017 (7)

Roma languages and dialects

presentatieRandwijk2017 (8)

This is the translation chain. Jelle is involved in training and Scripture use.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (9)

Roma bible translators during one of the lessons.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (10)

Jelle is sometimes teaching, here exegeses for Bible translators in Slovakia.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (11)

Developing some bible study material and adjusting to make it even better.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (12)

Bible distribution in nearby places.

presentatieRandwijk2017 (13)

For those who cannot read: the audio bible with solar panel.

Leven in Kroatië

In the Roma settlements.

Leven in Kroatië (1)

Femke with Roma baby

Leven in Kroatië (2)

Who is teaching who is the question, ongoing language study.

Leven in Kroatië (3)




Warm greetings from all of us. The band arrived safely home, in Osijek;-)

All about our visit

 And in the background of it all is this article that gives a deeper perspective. http://www.alifeoverseas.com/why-are-we-here/
Thank you for reading, thank you for your support.
Jelle and Janneke, Marijke, Judith, Femke and Laurens.

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