All about our visit


As many of you know, we have been on a trip to the Netherlands due to a conference Jelle attended about missions and media. We thought we might as well join him in the car. Here is a little impression of our trip:

The journey across Europe is always beautiful. I love seeing the changes in the landscape: the flat fields filled with cows in the Netherlands, the endless pine trees in Germany, the mountains of Austria, and the hills of Slovenia, not to mention the entrance of Croatia, the picturesque houses on the hillside, and the endless empty highway to the east of Croatia, where we found our home.

Traveling over the road provides a lovely opportunity to think back on all the new memories that we have made. We were so spoiled on this trip! We slept in more than 60 beds within three weeks, which is an absolute record! Thanks to all the dear people who did the laundry for that! The girls went for sleepovers at their friends, aunts, and cousins. And, I did not have to cook the whole time, except for the 25-liter goulash soup for the church meeting, which was another interesting experience.

On the way home, we stopped in Linz and celebrated with our friends, the Schobesburgers, on Easter Sunday. The well-known Easter story in the foreign German language was a precious closure of a lovely trip (Although I wish I had learned German in secondary school). It was very good to be there, and it gave us an impression of God’s worldwide church. Is it not amazing to stop by in a totally new church and share the same truth? The Lord is risen, the Lord is risen indeed, and He keeps His Church alive until He comes again.

This was one of the songs at the service, and I loved it:

Du gibst Geborgenheit, du kannst alles wenden,

Gib mir ein festes Herz, mach es fest in dir!

Now, we are home, back into the routine of our daily life. It is also lovely just to have a home and to have found a place to be.







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