The dishwashers prayer

I am a very lucky woman. In our house hold our tasks are very clear. I make a mess and Jelle cleans up after me. I make him coffee, he will wash the cups later. It works for years now. He is not satisfied with my washing. (what you do not get off, it will get of tomorrow. And I am not entirely satisfied with his cooking. It would be plain vegetables and potatoes, seven times a week.)

Jelle is away for a couple of days. I did already appreciate him in many ways. But at the end of doing cooking and part of the dishes, -despite of the help from the girls – I was reminded of this prayer:

It is a poem for all my cousins, young friends, helping their families, or who-ever is doing cooking and dish washing every day. You understand I would love to do the dishes with you and talk with you, how you are doing, but for now I send you this:


(For everyone who starts the day:)

As I begin my morning chore,

and dishes start to clink,

I ask that You would join me  here, 

next to the kitchen sink.

Iḿ feeling cross and kind of rushed.

There’s so much here to do!

This job is never ending and

There’s sweeping to do, too!

When all my heart cries out

against this work I do each day, 

I pray that You would bless me,

in a very special way.

Grand me a smile as I begin; 

Infuse my heart with joy; 

Guide me as I clear up the plates

and wash where little boys

Left fingerprints for me to wipe

And crumbs to sweep away.

May I remember as I serve

My loved ones every day.

That you begin this fine display 

Of service to your friends,

And most of all, You serve me, too-

And Your work never ends.

(especially for future parents;)

Today as I am standing here, 

My hands in sudsy water,

Iḿ thinking of a time when I’ll 

Be standing with my daughter.

Shall I be cross and pouty then?

For surely she will see

That Mama has a sour face

And she will mimic me.

Shall I wish to be somewhere else?

Or shall I sweetly do

The work my family makes for me?

O yes, I’ll serve them, too

So I wrap my apron round

 And put away the food, 

I pray that You would sit and rest

And let me serve You, too.

For I know that when I do these things

For those surrounding me, 

I’m also doing them for You,

Ah! You have helped me see.


-Enjoy your cleaned up kitchen, well done;)-


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  1. Well said! XO

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