I know that God is with me, said one of these ladies while we drove to the church in Osijek where the baptism would take place. These ladies got ready very early for a big moment. How special that after a time of thinking and considering finally the decision is made:

I want to belong to Jesus.


The pastor asked a few questions. They gave an answer and down they went. With their stories, burdens, questions and worries. And up they came again.

The vulnerability of someone being baptized is so real and raw and underlined so clearly the desire to be whole and get -all we need- from Someone who is able to do more than we can think of imagine. Knowing that the resurrection is victorious over evil, human weakness and death.

And all of this just packed in a few moments. Precious moments often happen in the midst of ordinary life. This day was one of them.



We are tired. It was a lot of church today. But these precious moments give us such a deep connection with the church of all times and places. We are at peace and feel extremely privileged to be here today.


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