That amazing connection! photoblog

Last week we had guests. My friend Hye-Jin from Toronto and her son Justin came to visit us here in Croatia. It was very precious to meet Hye-Jin again (and to get to know Justin better.) In many ways… seeing each other… talking long and catching up, seeing how we live, hearing the latest news and stories from Willowdale, Toronto
We spend time together with good fun, coffee, visiting the town of Ilok on the Danube.
We chatted and visited the Roma villages, went to the Roma church, attended the prayer meeting and visited some Roma homes. In the church we sang together  –You are my Hidingplace– and that was very lovely as some of the Roma knew the song and were singing softly in their own language.

Inviting the children to come to the field for storytime.


Shall we come, or shall we stay?


Many children came, and the fun afterwards on the field is going on here.


Three little friends with stories to tell.


We could go for a horseride, but that was not the focus of the day.


More hugs and embracement

That amazing connection has a root somehow. It is not just this friend what gives this connection. It is with many of you, and you know who you are and that we share this connection. I think that this image expresses where it comes from: the face of Jesus. 


His body present and presented on earth. His body consists of many, tiny pieces of stone. And every tiny stone is unique, but also indispensable in the big picture. There is an ugly hole when there is a stone missing. We are meant to live and participate. There is also a front and a back side, but that is a different story. How lovely when the picture is complete though. What a mighty art! The image of the church of God on earth. To be part of that body, each in its own way. How amazing to be part of this, together! 
“As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.”
(1 Cor 12: 12-27)

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