Bad news from over the fence (B)

While Jelle was finishing the chicken coop, our neighbor was already peeping over the fence, with some news I did not want to hear. She talked excitingly, brought a newspaper and said: Ne! Ne! Pila, pila, Osijek. And I did understand her. IMG_0102

It was clear enough. Jelle asked for the article and used Google translate for the details. And I was just plain sad.

We are not really builders.. keen people who in no time build something amazing. We had painted for hours, after a search for the right type of wood. Jelle had made a good plan and had worked it out and had spent quite some hours in building it.

We had asked different people if we were allowed to have chicken in the city. And the reply was: Nema problema. In the article a little excuse that the city of Osijek not always had been communicating this well. (Thank you.)

It was not just sad because of all the work and material. Jelle had spent quite a few hours in working and playing with Laurens and that is always good.


But those little cute chicks! How we will miss them. It is funny how these little animals made me very, very happy. The little noises in the morning when we woke up. Their joy when you opened the little house and let them run. The energy and embracing of the new day! And than that ever so cute playing hide and seek when we had to catch them again to go back in their little house. They let us run! But when they finally were caught and gave in, they relaxed and cuddled next to their sisters. They eat our leftovers and we get their eggs in return. How nice is that!


But no, they have to go back, back to the farm.

The good news is that they will have a good life there, back to their relatives. We will eat their eggs anyway, buying it from the farmer.

After a good hot cup of coffee and some grumbles we teared the chicken coop down. We took a deep breath and Jelle turned part of it into a compost bin.

Yep, such things happen. We bought a new car and within a few weeks we had to pay an awful lot of money to repair it. Hopefully it will be a very good one now! We do not always understand the rules or we just make plain mistakes.

It happens so often with whatever we do. You can invest in something or someone. You get disappointed or it does not fulfill your expectations. This was for us at least another tiny lesson in: Just keep going!

Is that bad news actually?

Maybe we will be very strong chicks soon… that would be nice.



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