Ode to the bicycle


My good old bike is now 20 years old. A solid black gazelle.

Itś been my good friend in so many places. Several places in the Netherlands, England. We got the hang of moving by now. We brought it here in Croatia, and I am so happy with that.

With him, he brings good memories. Me, pregnant with Femke. Judith in a tiny frontseat, Marijke on the backseat, that made four of us. When I think of it now, I feel a bit like! Wah! How did I dare to do that…

Here he helps me with going to the market. On this picture we are just back and do you want to know what he is carrying?


1 cabbage

3 kg. red pepper

3 cucumbers

2 kg. tomatos

3 times garlic

1 kg. onion.

2 kg. potatoes

1 kg. yellow peppers.

1 kg. carrots

3 times a pot of flowers. (It would not be complete without them, would it?)

3 kg. peaches

a little box of cherry tomatos

2 kg. plums

1 kg. apples

5 eggs, fresh from the chicken.


And now, he patiently listens when I try to repeat 
my newly learned words:

1 kupusa

3 kg . crvena paprika

3 krastavci

2 kg . rajčice

3 puta češnjaka

1 kg . izleti .

2 kg . krumpir

1 kg . žuta paprika

1 kg . mrkve

3 puta cvijeće za biljke . ( Ja i dalje nizozemski, sviđalo se to vama ili ne)

3 kg . breskve

kutiju Cher trske rajčice

2 kg . šljive

1 kg . jabuke

5 jaja u plastičnu vrećicu svježe iz piletine .

Thank you bike, letś journey on!




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