36 hours full of contrast

Over the past two years, as thousands of tonnes of weapons fly south, hundreds of thousands of refugees have fled north from the conflicts that have killed more than 400,000 people. But while Balkan and European countries have shut down the refugee route, the billion-euro pipeline sending arms by plane and ship to the Middle East remains open – and very lucrative.

It is a trade that is almost certainly illegal, according to arms and human rights experts. Sadly a lot of these flights are coming from former warzones as former Yugoslavia. More sadly Croatia is on top of the list with earning 350 mil. dollar.

This week we made a trip to the other side of the country (show map) We brougth Marijke to International Camp and we would love to see a bit of this part of the country. We stayed in a small house in the mountains. We drove 600 miles, we did see quite a bit of nature and we were back within 36 hours around our kitchentable.

Not only the temperature went down with quite some degrees. (How lovely was that.. eating hot soup, warm custard and no cold brew iceteaś.) No continuesly sweating and cold showers. The woodstove was on and gave its warmth and we were glad with long sleeves. And so, this day was full of contrast.

It is the same country, but there are some differences. It is full with tourists now during this season. The place where we stayed was beautiful in the mountains. I love it when the GPS shows: OFF ROAD, as if the real adventure starts just there, into the unknown.

The girls were sleeping outside on the balcony, did a fair part of stargazing and watched the sun coming up in the morning.

How delightful! It looked like this:


In the morning we enjoyed a walk in the surrounding mountains. We left phone and camera at home. How many lovely flowers! We filled the flowerpress and cannot wait to see how it turned out.

In the afternoon we visited the town Ogulin. A place definetely worth a visit. Beautiful nature a castle, falls and a cave.

There was also a war memorial from the war (1990-1995) UN had peacemaking stations. A bit surreal to see the names of man of Jelle s age. So early nineties and it is suddenly not that long ago. Men of all ages lost their lives in a war. And the pictures in the photobook suddenly come alive in real storiers.

The picture walls were impressive. Cool man, laughing and fully alive. A general giving a speech and big clowds by an explosion. A bit later: A photo with a lot of woman dressed in black. No more cool, laughing man. The soldiers stopped laughing. The streets and houses were in pieces and the hearts of the people are broken. How long?

It is over. This war is history.

But in the meantime the refugees in Europe keep coming and we are getting used to it. And it is again a cruel, brutal war with awful warmaterial.

It is not over. And that is why I started this post with this link. I wished it was over within 36 hours. But this contrast would be too big for the complicated war we are facing at the moment.

But: war will not have the final word.

Peace will have it.

Shalom to you, where ever you are.



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