2. Oradea, and an interesting grandma

The landscape is a little bit boring. We drove to the border with Romania, and it was a sad rainy day. The gray flats, from the communistic time, looked even more sad.

The heart of the town though has a lot of beautiful buildings. But they are wrapped in, in case they will fall apart. Seemingly not enough money to restore, which will cost a lot, I can imagine. Really beautiful buildings, but from times past.

IMG_0244We are on our Springbreak journey (read more here, if you like.) And this was our third stop. We were staying in a house at the orange marker. The other places are: Debrecen, Oradea (Romania), Uzgurod (Ukrain) and Sol, (Slovakia). (And the blue marker is for home in Osijek.) I am planning to post each day of this week about our trip and this is the second of the serie.


We bought a little card for the music teachers who come from Romania and for opa. And searched to the place to post it. That was a nice hunting job. We found a beautiful postoffice and it was a real pleasure to enter in through those old wooden doors.





Finding the way…


Roma here are very different than how we have the Roma in our Baranja area. In our area are more Bayash. The Roma Bayash self, don’t like it to be called Bayash. It is kind of the same as calling some one a negroe. IMG_0223

I liked this lady. Just so confident, maybe talking about troubles as usual though.

This was kind of a layed back day. Tomorrow will be different, when we pass the border with Ukraine. A country at war! ¨Good luck¨ is what the man said at the border and we soon found out what he meant by that….

Warm greetings, Janneke


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