family extension

The year 2013 has been quite a good year for our family. Next to the four chicken, the rooster, the two rabbits and the cat, we can also introduce you to “Garfield”

Not as lively as the other members though (except for the one who died a couple of weeks ago) But he is a kind of cute and will bring us in every street in Europe as we listen carefully. (that might be challenge enough..)

Guess what! It was a present from our family for our anniversary.

Right, Garfield is our new navigator. But we didn’t like the name Garmin and call him Garfield.

Een gedachte over “family extension

  1. Greetings from Willowdale. We handed around your latest news letter at our Bible Reading group. Love your family picture at the top of your blog! We were all amazed at how quickly your children are growing up. Quite a menagerie you have there with chickens, rabbits, a rooster, a cat, and now Garfield! Enjoy your new “family member”. I hope he will be helpful in helping you get to your destinations.

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